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Common Lisp bindings for SDL

CL-SDL is not maintained anymore and the project is considered defunct. Use Lispbuilder-SDL instead.

The goal of this project is to provide the Common Lisp (CL) community with bindings to the SDL library, and OpenGL.

Go here for the obligatory screenhots.

CL-SDL has been revamped and a new version is out, with an emphasis on portability. See the download section, or CVS module `cl-sdl' (tree `cl-sdl-timot')

Development (project page at sourceforge)
CL-SDL now works on a variety of platforms! See the README file for more details. If you plan on working with, or working on, any of the lower-level details of CL-SDL it might be a good idea to read the STYLE file first.

See the files page for all downloads.
Debian packages available soon as well.

CL-SDL specific information, coming soon! Otherwise, the API is very similar to the SDL and OpenGL ones. Name-mangling is documented in the STYLE file, but should be fairly obvious.